O_01weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: taking a break from cleaning out the attic.
EZRA: his eye through the water jug.
ZION: making pigs ‘n a blanket.
AXEL: starting to enjoy reading more.
OTTILIE: drinking her chocolate milk.

first portraits of the year, friends. and i’m happy to say we are all happy and healthy and onto the start of school this week. truthfully, it’s not very fun when part of your winter break is spent tending to sick kids but it’s what it was, and i’d rather not have to make up their school work anyhow. the last part of our week we decided to get into the attic and go through boxes of games, books, and other odds & ends, and get re-organized. zoe and ezra worked on the area for me and got it all cleared out perfectly. we are making a little library up there since we love, love, LOVE books, and often are sharing them with friends.

FUN FACT: zoe is the most fond of books, of all the kids. the others highly enjoy reading, but not quite to the extent that she does. whether it’s on her kindle, or book in hand (which andy & i prefer, it makes such a difference holding an actual book!), she is almost always reading. she is one smart cookie, and has such a full and rich imagination. i remember my mom always taking time for herself to enjoy a good book when i was young. let’s just say that zoe does not get her love of reading from me; however, i find myself wanting to be more like her as she is an encouragement to stop and put my head in a book more often.


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  1. Emily A. Bennetch says:

    I think a “FUN Fact” should be an addition to your weekly photos this year;)

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