O_02weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: enjoying her tea and a game.
EZRA: been stealing andy’s hats and claiming as his own.
ZION: spinning with a stick.
AXEL: that smile pierces my heart.
OTTILIE: ez put her in a box and pushed her around one morning, it was a highlight for her.

well, the newness of the new year is wearing off. i am keeping our goals on our chalkboard as a constant reminder that we have some things to work toward this year… slowly, daily.  a couple of us got hit with the sick bug (again!!) this weekend, and now are on the mend. thankfully! and, we have some new things we are beginning this week for school that we are so excited about. and, forecast says there’s a chance of snow for tonight… hoping so much for this! that’s about all for now… and another fun fact below. (sorry for the sporadic thoughts… it’s the medication i think. i’ve been a bit goofy in my thinking lately. ha!!)

FUN FACT: ottilie has been speaking in the third person for the past few months, and it is too cute. i tried to teach her to say “I” the other day, but instead she said “mommy” thinking  i was speaking about myself.  some of our favorite daily phrases of hers:
“ottie do it!”
“ottie bum??” (ottie come? … anytime we go anywhere!)
“no ottie nigh-nigh”
“ottie, mommy make coooookies!!” (of the times we made cookies together)
“ottie’s jaeey beeens” (ottie’s jelly beans, still left from santa)


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