O_03weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: only picture i could sneak of her (even though it’s blurry and bad light).
EZRA: taking a break from typing to check outside for snow.
ZION: after school games.
AXEL: he lost another tooth that has been loose for quite some time now. oh, and the strawberries from florida were amazing.
OTTILIE: morning games.

my big kids are getting difficult to photograph lately. they are less than enthusiastic when i have the camera out and all smiles wipe off their youthful (and always lovely) faces.  nonetheless, i will keep attempting.  on the other hand, ottie loves taking “selfies” with any phone she finds laying around. as much as i am not into self-portraits, it’s pretty darn cute. 

this past week was a bit hectic, so for this new week i’m focusing more on accomplishing some key things before moving forward with anything at all! it feels good to at least catch myself before falling too deep into behind-ness. (i am a true procrastinator, and a rather good one at that.)

and right this very instant it is snowing!! well, it’s been flurrying all day long, which we have loved, but now it’s coming down a bit harder and is just so, so beautiful. i don’t think too many things in nature are prettier than snow coming down, and watching it whirl around in the air until it finds a place to land. as a california girl i still get filled with so much happiness for the snow. more later this week… enjoy your today! xo

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  1. Nancy Kochsmeier says:

    That beautiful, gentle snow (which we could sure use some of!) reminds me of Audrey Assad’s song “Winter Snow” – it’s a great song about the gentle way Jesus came into this world rather than some more earthly-dramatic way. If you haven’t hear it, it’s a good ‘un!

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