OJ_04weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: she may start disappearing from this part. she’s a teenager… and i never want her to feel like she must be on this space. (i probably wouldn’t want to myself.)
EZRA: fun dip.
ZION: went to bed the other night thinking about nothing but drawing. the next morning he spent most of the day with paper and pencils.
AXEL: my assistant in making chocolate chip muffins.
OTTILIE: she’s been taking selfie’s with our phones lately; needless to say this one is not taken by herself, hence the face.

phew. last week was a bit of a whirlwind. andy was off to california for work and we had some projects and different things happening that once sunday came, and we were able to kick our feet up and relax, it felt wonderful.  and now this week we are very, very cold. ha! this polar vortex that is happening up north is trickling down our way, although not as bad (in which we are very thankful) but still… our cali blood is not quite used to this kind of cold. piercing, chilling, biting… as my friend said to me this morning “painful really.”

this weekend we have supper club (formerly cookbook club), which we are so excited about. then a super bowl party with all of our closest friends. i’m pretty excited about the teams. i mean, i grew up a forty-niner fan (my dad played and coached football so it’s sort of in my blood), watching or at listening to the games (and the intense excitement over them) every weekend. for me, i really enjoy the sport. but, after living in seattle, well, if it’s not going to be san francisco then i’m happy with seattle being at the top. for our friends in seattle, we are routing with you!!

keep warm everyone! xo


2 Responses to 04/52

  1. Pat says:

    Hope it warms up there, love the pics and the kids are getting so big way to fast!!!!!! love ya Aunt Pat and fam

  2. Haley says:

    I always wonder how my blog will change as my kids get older. Great pictures!

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