O_08weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: i’ve been stealing her special colored pencils lately.
EZRA: working on another one of his very detailed drawings.
ZION: off to the creek.
AXEL: his spot.
OTTILIE: this stick, her new favorite outdoor activity.

happy monday, friends. it was a perfectly wonderful weekend, and i’m excited about this month of march coming up. we have some fun activities & parties planned. and the time change coming up is one of my favorites… i just love light in the evenings, for playing outdoors, walks, and sitting around talking about our days, or just life. the sun has been streaming so happily into our home. we are talking about what we want to do these warmer months and new places we want to visit. camping is on our mind again. we’ve talked about doing supper club outside for our next spring dinner, and i have a feeling it’s going to become a regular thing… outdoor dinner parties. spring is in the air… new things on the horizon. i love seasons, and all the change they bring.  have a beautiful week!

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