O_09weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: she’s been working on her craft for the year. all things frosting.
EZRA: trying to stay on the chair.
ZION: him and his hair. i love it, he’s ready to cut it… which i’ll love to.
AXEL: he’s been burying himself in the pillows and peeking out to see us every so often.
OTTILIE: she loves monkeys.

this morning, my heart fluttered as i watched the snow fall, whirling around in spirals as the wind blew it all around. it continues to come down, sporadically throughout the day and we are enjoying every piece of it. in reality, it’s really not too much to build a snowman, but the roads are so icy, that schools have been cancelled and the city is encouraging people to stay in if possible. it has changed the course of our day, but only in the best way.

and, march is here! this year is happily moving right along! we have a tree that is giving us hope for spring – producing the most beautiful buds and a few blossoms. i love to watch the transition of bare twigs to flourishing branches this time of year. we have a full month ahead and i just know it’s all going to be a lovely bunch of fun.  for now, back to my blanket and movies, hot cocoa, and chickens roasting in the oven.

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  1. James Kanka says:

    Love the photo of Axel. The long lens against the window there is awesome.

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