O_10weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: blue sky and the prettiest girl in a tree.
EZRA: setting up legos in the icy snow.
ZION: lots of soccer happening.
AXEL: making malted chocolate ice cream.
OTTILIE: sunshine or snow, this girl loves being outside.

yesterday, the sweetest gentleman told me that tennessee’s crazy weather is just how it’s always been in this state. (he was obviously born and raised here.) and last week was just like he said. an official snow day on monday, and sunshine and shorts later in the week. the sunshine kissed me big time. new spring flowers in the house, and i have decided to switch out dark wintry colors to bold brights everywhere. and while i look forward to lighter evenings, i have a feeling this week will move a bit slower due to the lack of sleep we all lost this weekend. it’s all perfectly wonderful, though… days filled with sun, time in the kitchen, reading (we are on a fun new book i’ll have to share with you!), and outdoor walks and games. yippee!! the official first day of spring is right around the corner. (and my parents anniversary, which is always fun to think about.) to a week of warmth, and sunlight sparkling in through your windows. xo


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