O_11weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: it was several years ago that she got this letter Z, and i love that it still sits on her windowsill.
EZRA: first thing in the morning he starts his school work, and is regularly done much earlier than the others. (in which you’d think the others would pick up this habit, but hasn’t happened yet!)
ZION: helping dad make bratwurst sausages.
AXEL: acting out his poem, the man in the iron pail mask.
OTTILIE: perched on the tiny windowsill, looking like a little mischievous darling.

last week was beautiful. we had some nice sunshine-filled days, and much more time outdoors. we celebrated both a 30th birthday with girlfriends, and a very festive irish st. patty’s party over the weekend. our big kids are away this week for a youth trip serving another community in tennessee. and we are home with only three this week, which seems so much quieter. i really don’t like it much and, as happy as i am for the bigs to enjoy this week away, i already can’t wait for them to be back home… bringing loudness, joy, enthusiasm, and goofiness into this place. what a gift for us to have these five wonderful’s. and to everyone they are with… they make a mark, a puncture, so deep that life can never be how it was before them, and that’s exactly how i love for it to be. have a beautiful, lovely, spring-filled week. xo

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