O_12weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: picking at a little stick and dreaming away.
EZRA: the drummer in him… he taps on everything he touches.
ZION: morning sunlight and shadows.
AXEL: sticks, always in hand.
OTTILIE: that little profile… hiding behind her plate.

we are back to a loud and full house again, and boy, does that fill my heart with happiness. the usual, constant hum and high volume in our home has become soothing rather than making me feel like i’m going crazy at times; after not having it for a while last week. i know not everyone enjoys the constant questions, talking, running, guns shooting, sword fighting, in & out, hungry, and so forth bits in their lives… but for us, it’s a part of what makes this family so wonderful are and what i love about having a large family. there is constant momentum and always, always something to do or someone to do it with. in fact, we would love to have a little bit more color around here. wouldn’t that be a fun adventure?! xo

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