O12-52“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: reading. all the time, anywhere…
Ezra: always helping me out, so willingly…
Zion: he’s loving this funny series of books…
Axel: reading in the sunlight…
Ottilie: “more please”…

It was a beautifully bright week here in Nashville. Lots of sunshine in our big windows, and mixed with lots of wind – we had our first real tornado warning, with the sirens blaring outside.  Unfortunately, I didn’t hear them – well, I did, I just thought it was a siren from an emergency vehicle outside.  Thankfully, Andy works here at home and he heard them… calmly telling all of us to head to the basement where we chilled, watched the weather on the computer, and didn’t really know what to do since this is all new to us.  Earthquakes have been our area of expertise when it comes to natural disasters.  Growing up in California and living on the coast, we know what can happen – however, we don’t really get warnings for earthquakes (tsunami sirens are a different story and sound for that matter). But the idea of another type of natural disaster that I’m not prepared for, or skilled at all in, can seem a bit daunting at first.  So, making it through our first actual warning was… shall I say exciting?! ha.

This week our sweet Zoe is away serving with our youth group and she is thrilled. We are planning some day trips with the other four, and some food and fun with friends.  Thankful for all our new adventures here and the friendships we are creating.  Each one is so special, and we love feeling right where we belong.



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  1. James Kanka says:

    I like the portraits every week and grateful to be a part of the new adventure.

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