O_14weekly photos of our children / 2014

ZOE: more practice with her frosting.
EZRA: he sang and danced while he washed the windows.
ZION: laughing at ezra showing him what ‘photo-bombing’ meant.
AXEL: tackle soccer with the brothers.
OTTILIE: her curls go crazy when the weather heats up. it’s adorable.

the weeks are whirling by these days. seems like more than usual. i’ve also been sick the past few days, which always puts me in an odd state and my thinking gets a bit irrational at times. plus, i’m easily annoyed…with everything. (i’ve got several here who can attest to that.) i’m so glad i’m feeling better and getting my energy back.

we had an eventful weekend with friends and supper club, and some bbq’ing and sunshine. our friends planted some colorful flowers for our yard; and since i’ve got a horrible track record with plants (or anything growing for that matter), my kids are in charge of watering them. yay!! tonight one of our close friends from california is flying in to share time with us and some of her family who is also here in nashville. and i’m going to do the best i can to keep the time from slipping through my fingers this season, which takes some intentional action in different areas of my life. easier said than done, but one i’m working on daily. have a great week y’all! xo

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  1. susana says:

    I love this!Don’t ever stop!

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