O1452“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: catching bubbles…
Ezra: blowing bubbles…
Zion: preparing for battle…
Axel: always has a stick in hand…
Ottilie: loves bubbles… (yes, that’s joy, not terror!) 

the kids had fun playing outside this week – using the new bubble wands they got with their easter goodies or battling one another with swords and rods. ottie had the most fun running and screaming when she saw the bubbles or trying to catch them like the older kids. we have officially felt the spring here in the south, and with that, experienced lots of new bugs. eeewww. but that’s always the case when you go somewhere new, things are just different. there’s good and bad everywhere, really… and there’s much more good in life than bad so that’s what we like to focus on. i’m looking forward to all the newness this season will bring our way. cook-out’s, celebrations in church parking lots, new camping adventures, loads of fun with the amazing friends we are loving, girls breakfasts & nights out… hope you all have a week full of joy and laughter wherever you are loving life.


oh, and p.s. i know i’m his mom and all, but that picture of ezra. amazing. i love everything about it. it’s going to have to be enlarged extra, extra big and plastered somewhere in my house.



4 Responses to 14/52

  1. Juliza says:

    I love your blog Anna. It always makes me feel at home. Love your pics. I agree about Ez & bubbles. It’s a must!

  2. Marla....LeAnn's Mom says:

    Hi Anna, I loved reading. Those children are incredible !

  3. Ezra Swanson says:

    I loved this day

  4. Susana says:

    Oh my gosh! Ottilie looks so funny!

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