O1752“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: prettiest piano player…
Ezra: been playing since he was five… he amazes me always.
Zion: pure joy in this boy…
Axel: bored?…
Ottilie: giggler…

i love my kids. each one individually, and all of them together… they are our greatest joys. we are so, so close as a family, and talk about everything and anything, share ups and downs with each other, cry and laugh together, love well together and overall LOVE being family together. the joy i get from looking through the weeks pictures is so fulfilling, and then having to pick just one, well, that’s where it gets pretty difficult. but i love that this little blog is inspiring me to capture all the simple moments with our kids and friends and see the wonder in each one. the other night we watched a slideshow of april’s photos, and the kids had a ball looking back, (with andy’s music in the background!) and remembering the month’s happenings.  i think we’re going to do that as each month closes, from now on, as we all enjoyed reminiscing. we get excited about little things around here… we like to look at things “on the bright side.” i hope you can sense the joy we want to share with others through the pictures captured here. and then turn around and capture all your own joys!  happy (almost) may!



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