I’m sitting here at the dining room table listening to Julian Smith, that the boys and their friend are watching.  The big kids introduced Ottie to him last week, and he still remains one of the most clever and creative, and hilariously funny “You-Tubers” out there.  If you have a minute this is currently my favorite… “Baby How U Like Your Eggs?” It gives me the giggles every time I hear him.

This past week was a good one. Personally, I got a bunch off my plate that was hanging over my head and once done, I felt a weight lifted! Yay! I love that. One of my projects was to clean-out and work on our attic space, which currently has been our mini-library.  A very rustic library! But, now that it’s done and I have gone through books, and found some (woo!!) I have a box to give away.  I’ll first have friends go through it, but then thinking about whether or not to donate to goodwill, or the library… or maybe another option.  Let me know if there’s a good way to dispose of good books, that are really great reads. I’m always trying to find the perfect person, or place to take our used belongings.  This past year I decided to not spend too much time, stressing and waiting for the perfect place but instead to just let them go, and know the right home will be found.

Ez was back in the kitchen, baking us an angel food cake, which for his first attempt was simply perfect.  They are tricky cakes to get right, and well, not unexpectedly, he nailed it.  I think with all The Great British Bake-Off shows we’ve been watching, it’s got him and Andy experimenting more with the different flavors that Britain uses in their desserts, along with some good old classics. Speaking of those Brit’s I can’t get over how they speak, I mean it is my favorite accent. And now, whenever we have a dessert, Ottie takes a bite and always says, “lovely textcha” (just like Mary Berry!), and we all get a kick out of her little voice doing quite a good British impression.

Hope you all had a lovely week! xo

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  1. Karen Curran says:

    Take the books to the library so lots of other people can enjoy reading them! I have a box full to donate, as well, and plan to take them to the library tomorrow. I love hearing about your week! If you want to hear a good British accent, have a conversation with Sarah Hodges. She can nail it!

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