Andy was gone for much of last week, traveling for both work and a family gathering to celebrate the life of his beautiful grandmother.  While he was away it snowed once again, early in the week and stayed around for a couple of days, causing school closures for three days in a row here in Nashville. Although we homeschool, we do take our days a bit more easy when there is snow outside, something that is a rarity and one that we celebrate inside and out. Our weekend was spent doing housework and relaxing which was the perfect way to spend days welcoming our love back home.  And now onto a new week, and February ticking away… Hope you have a good one!

+ A typical morning watching these two eating and chatting and having such adult-like conversations. Just listening to them makes my heart feel like it’s actually growing.  I love them so!
+ Axel’s go-to breakfast: chocolate granola (no milk!), and biscotti… every day.
+ The light in this room was so bright and beautiful as the snow fell outside.
+ Performing her version of a puppet show at the library.
+ Greek yogurt cake with fresh raspberry curd and eggs, one of Ezra’s favorites.
+ Designing their usual welcome home sign for daddy coming home. He used to travel so often so over the years we make sure that he gets celebrated well with banners, colored chalkboards, and homemade treats… as well as gobs of hugs and kisses.
+ One of her new favorite gadgets in the kitchen, the peeler! Helping me peel those big carrots for snacking.
+ Morning glimpse of the snow, which almost tripled in accumulation over the course of the day.
+ Homemade soft pretzels… the perfect afternoon snack for a snowday.
+ A clean slate…. early morning planning out the week.  My favorite way to start the day.

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