Last week was filled with some important things and I never did get around to posting my weekly photos, so I’ll be sharing the past two weeks with you today. Can you believe February is upon us?! I am still working on some personal goals I have for this year, so I am feeling good about the fact that I haven’t forgotten them already! I’m also getting excited about some recent thoughts I want to share with you soon, on this little space.

Here’s a quick recap of our past couple of weeks…

+ Are these the greatest glasses?!! These belonged to my uncle’s mother and have been passed along to our kids. It’s fun to get a few unique finds that come with some family history tied in.
+ Layers of snow and branches against the most beautiful blue sky, it was breathtaking.
+ Birthday candles and the customary chalkboard birthday greeting, done by the kids of course!
+ Making dozens upon dozens upon dozens of chocolate chip cookies.  A perfect Saturday baking day!
+ What remained of the snow by day three after our storm. The kids all made a family of snow-people, who (sadly) were all melted by morning. We all miss it.
+ Andy’s homemade pasta… nothing like it!!
+ They play so well together. He plays games with her that she likes, even though they may seem childish to him. It is the sweetest thing ever and I just love their little friendship.
+ Enjoying some much needed coffee watching the light stream in through the glass.
+ Conversations with her are so much fun.  She thinks about what she is asked, and she makes very thoughtful answers.  Usually they make us laugh, but lately they have been quite insightful for a little four year old.  She really is something else.
+ Cheeky kisses.

Have a great week! xo

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