Surprise! More photos of the snow, but it did take up a large portion of our past week. 🙂 I have heard, since the big storm that came through on Friday, that Nashville hadn’t seen this much snow for twenty-eight years! How exciting that we got to be here for that?!

As I sit here, the snow has melted from a rainy night, and what we have is a little remnant of a snowman the kids built yesterday.  Aside from all the fun of our snow-filled weekend, we got much relaxation in as we couldn’t really go anywhere.  For some reason, our specific street keeps slippery iced roads longer than other streets.  We were talking with our neighbors about this, the other day as we built a neighborhood snow-cowboy in their yard, and none of us can figure out why the surrounding streets are drivable, but not ours.  What that did provide is some good old snowed-in adventure for us, which we honestly didn’t mind one bit.

I can’t believe January is almost complete, eleven more months of this new year, and so much to look forward to.  Hope you all have a wonder-filled week! xo

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