“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: grilled us delicious tiger prawns for dinner…
Ezra: glazing the banana bread…
Zion: my heart explodes with love for this boy…
Axel: caught him… (been hiding lately from the camera)
Ottilie: always happily climbing…

we had another fun week. been in the kitchen alot with the kids. zoe made us a delicious dinner of grilled chili-lime prawns, and they were favored by all (but one)!  we have lots of new summery recipes we are hoping to try soon. fruity slushiness, and granita ices preferred by the kids.  we ate our first georgia peaches of the season, which were scrumptious. but truthfully, there is nothing like california fruit – specifically the valley of california where we both grew up.  all of you who are in our hometown please remember how lucky you have it with the delicious bounty of fruity goodness surrounding you. we haven’t found any other place with such good fruit.  BUT, we truly enjoyed the georgia peaches… and next on the menu is trying out a peach galette with them.

this week we have several outings in store and some new projects going on. just over a week and grandparents are here to visit – and we are bursting with excitement for that! summertime is full of fun all around, isn’t it?!!



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  1. Katie says:

    Absolutely beautiful children, Anna. I love watching them grow and reading your updates!

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