“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: her hair’s getting longer…
Ezra: origami kid…
Zion: i think he has the cutest nose, ever…
Axel: big brown eyes…
Ottilie: her curls, they get me…

summertime has been so lovely here in nashville. last week was full of rainy days, and cloudy skies, which certainly did not feel summer-y, but it did cool off a bit which was nice. we spent the 4th of july with some of our closest friends and had a great time together. rain or shine, friends always make holidays fun.

this week we have some different projects and events happening that we are excited about. a friend told me last night about a local farm to go blackberry picking which we are hoping to do. we have been enjoying summer fruits, and i think i may try making jam with a friend, and hopefully try a couple pies this summer. i am doing my best to keep these summer days slow and long and remembered.  hope you are all enjoying this time of year too.


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