“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: piano key eyelashes…
Ezra: annoyed by the sunlight…
Zion: such a character…
Axel: his loose tooth…
Ottilie: helping me in the kitchen…

i’ve been working lots on our curriculum for this school year. i’m pretty excited about it, and i have some great sources. i’m reading lots about charlotte mason and classical education, and anticipating some changes from what we’ve done in the past – good, and enriching changes. if any of you homeschool and have books you love please share!

i’m excited for the weekend coming up and then next week hanging out with some of our dearest friends’ family who are coming to visit.  zoe goes off to camp next week and is counting the days, then we celebrate seventeen years of marriage and are planning a little getaway! i can’t seem to slow down time these days, as much as i’d like to.  recently, i’ve not been that great at having the camera with me, so i’m intentionally carrying it around more so i can document much more of our summertime to look back on and remember. all of you, have a happy, happy week.




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  1. Emily A. Bennetch says:

    I LOVE that Ottilie is holding butter! What a “Swede” little helper she is;)

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