“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: just another afternoon with maria, getting clever with fire (supervised of course)…
Ezra: setting up the tent trailer…
Zion: roasting marshmallows…
Axel: that wee little shirtless body against the big rocks… 
Ottilie: sneaky girl…

we have had a fun couple of weeks with very, very full days… full of the things and the people that we love dearly. the boys and andy went camping for a few days (all the pictures above are taken with andy’s iphone). our cookbook club met again and we had such delicious food, and another memorable night together. a few girl’s nights were had with some of the most delicious dessert, that i must share with y’all. we got to spend treasured time with some of our closest friends from california, one of whom just moved here! and then there’s school starting next week and i am in the throes of getting all that ready and organized. (of which, i feel will never  fully be accomplished, but i think i’m okay with that given we’ve got four different grades learning here!) there is never ever a dull moment in our home and i would much prefer it that way.  life is full of beauty and adventure, and it’s wonderful! enjoy your week.


* photo of zoe taken by the beautiful maria.


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  1. Juliza says:

    Zoe is growing up so fast… such a stunning girl.

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