“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: borrowing my clothes regularly… 
Ezra: pretending to be andy… clothes, and all.
Zion: loving our beaten up book, “the lightning thief” lately (one of my favorites!)…
Axel: playing with the math blocks…
Ottilie: reading…

happy september.  i was just trying to get myself into a habit of writing on this little space much more often when all of a sudden summer’s gone, and i’m struggling to find time for sharing.  but, it is on my goal list as i really do love to share pieces of our life with all of you who we miss back home. i’ll get there, as always, slowly but surely.

we have had a tremendously quick week. colds took over many of us, as with a large family things tend to spread pretty quickly. we spent the holiday weekend resting a bunch and now are on the mend, phew! and we are fully into another full and fun week. our sweetest axel turns seven tomorrow!! let the birthday season begin. 



4 Responses to 35/52

  1. Mary Stokes says:

    Sweet Axel O!!! I can’t believe you will soon be 7. I was one of the first persons to see you when you were born and I think I love you more than any other Nana loves you. Miss you and hope to speak with you soon.

  2. I was like holy crap, Ezi looks just like Andy… and then I saw what you wrote at the bottom. It’s crazy how big everyone is getting. Love you all and miss you all!

  3. Emily A. Bennetch says:

    Cass and I were just remembering being in Seattle when little Axel came into this world:) How we treasure that little-young-man. And every one of you. xoxo Happy Birthday Ax~~Cousin em, cousin Paul, and cousin Cass

    • Anna Swanson says:

      i know, em!! i think about that time a lot. that was so special and sweet and some of the best memories made then! love you, paul, and cass so, so much!! xo

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