“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: radiant…
Ezra: eleven candles for his special day..
Zion: if there’s something to jump off of, he’s doing it…
Axel: crab feast on our last night…
Ottilie: had so much fun at the beach… 

these are a few snippets of our last week at the beach. our time away was just what we needed. we are refreshed, and the kids are all nice and sun-kissed. while it is nice to be home, and getting back into our routine, the photos and memories that have been made are such a sweet reminder of this sweet time away for the seven of us.

we celebrated ezra turning eleven last wednesday. three birthdays down, and two more to go before thanksgiving. this is my favorite time of year (have i said that before!?!) and coming home to leaves turning and falling was like icing on the already perfect piece of cake. i will share more bits of our vacation soon. for today, enjoy your world and people around you. life is so, so good.


* zion’s photo by andy.  

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