“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: she used to love getting her picture taken… then she turned thirteen, ha! 
Ezra: we love finding big fall leaves…
Zion: afternoons spent outside in the crisp, fall air…
Axel: those eyes & that stare… 
Ottilie: loves baking like her momma… 

how i have missed writing on here lately, and sharing bits of life with you. there’s lots i’m hoping to get to and working on some personal goals to make that happen. not that this time of year provides much more time, but there’s also so much to share and family that we miss dearly… so, yay for new goals!

and… ottilie is two! we had a fun little get-together with close friends and let me tell you… she is loved! it doesn’t help that she says the cutest things, and that our four other kids encourage her into saying things to make us all laugh.  it’s quite entertaining, and i do believe she knows she is the life of the party around here. we may have to adopt just to keep her from thinking she’s all that as she gets older! (ha!) but seriously, i wouldn’t mind.

happy november to you! xoo



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  1. susana says:

    Yes do it!

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