o47 “A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: she gets tired of the weekly portraits, so she’s faking it with an “apple smile”…
Ezra: helping ottie pick out a poem to read…
Zion: this cute boy and the dark & wintry skyline = love.
Axel: he could play in them for days…
Ottilie: those lashes, that nose, those cheeks…

it’s thanksgiving week!! and only 5 weeks left for 2013! woah. i get pretty excited about this week for so many reasons. but mostly, that we are able to spend time really BEing thankful for all we’ve been given here on this beautiful earth.  this year i’m not going to rush around, trying to do way to many things around the house, table, and menu… but instead, i intend to cherish the little moments so that the memory of this thanksgiving is not a blur but a sweet reminder of being present with those we love.

we are spending the holiday at home with our nashville family – those who we love as our own. per tradition, we will play christmas music throughout the day, munch on the kids’ favorite holiday snacks like snowflake shaped ritz & peppermint flavored treats, sip warm spiced cider & cocoa with marshmallows, share what we are thankful for around the table, eat way too much of everything, wear new christmas jammies and get all cozy with blankets to watch the best christmas movie there is… elf. i hope each of you have some favorite traditions that you are excited to partake in this week.  happy thanksgiving week to you all.


p.s. and for those in nashville… i am also hoping we have a bit of snow this week to top off this time of year! xo

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  1. emily says:

    My dad recently bought a pair of flannel jammies just so he could wear them to watch Elf.

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