Recently, Ottie received a collection of stationery passed onto her from her great-grandmother. While it may seem like a trivial thing to any of us, for her it is like a treasury box.  She has been practicing the art of correspondence daily… writing notes, drawing pictures for family members, and those that pop in to visit.

What I love about watching her with these adorned cards and papers is her mind and heart beginning to grasp that people love receiving little gifts, or words that are loving and encouraging. She asks to walk one out to the mailbox, daily. As she narrates very specific words for me to write down, I draw out dotted letters for her to trace. Things like Ottilie Joy Swanson wrote this. It is the cutest thing!

Through the past few days of her writing away, it has sparked a desire in me to once again begin writing letters to those I love, or have on my mind. I used to practice correspondence much more, and while it really doesn’t take much time, it’s the act of stopping to spend five minutes and pop a card in the mailbox.  Maybe you’ll get a note from me soon because I truly think it is a wonderful way of communicating that I hope never dies.

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  1. Nancy Kochsmeier says:

    I LOVE to see how Mom’s things have been truly en-JOYed by the members of our family! What a GIFT that is to me! Kate recently had friends over to her apartment and used dessert “crystal” that had been Mom’s (served ice cream in them) and served brownies from a pink glass cake plate. Fun to see parts of her life passed on to the next generations!
    Love you all!

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