“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: time with friends being silly… (photo taken by a sweet friend)
Ezra: our first dusting of the season, which we loved…
Zion: homemade muffins and juice on a snowy morning…
Axel: in & out to warm up every once in a while from the cold snow… 
Ottilie: and, of course cocoa and a fire for some cozy goodness… 

we woke up to snow last monday morning, and what a treat that was. actually, ezra was the first one up & out of the house to experience the white cold. it was so fun for the kids, and all of us. we got them all up, made some cocoa on the stove, and started a fire. gramma & papa were here which made it extra special, since this kind of weather doesn’t happen in our hometown… ever. and then i played christmas music and made blueberry muffins to top off the morning. it was pure bliss. hope you all had a jolly and cheerful week, wherever you are.



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