“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: her favorite pastime.
Ezra: he needs a haircut, i just haven’t found anyone who did as great as our friend amy back home, the search continues…
Zion: during breakfast…
Axel: he’s figuring out if he should pull his loose tooth or not… 
Ottilie: eating the egg taco ezra made… 

it’s here. christmas in three days. we have some fun planned for these few days and some late nights staying up wrapping for this mama. it’s how i’ve done it for years, with small children it’s hard to get away during the day, so night time it is… and, usually waiting till the last minute. i put on a movie, have some cocoa or ice cream and wrap away. i really do enjoy it and i love thinking about the gifts we are able to give to our children.

we are planning to see the hobbit (part two) tomorrow with friends, and carry on our almost tradition of a christmas eve movie that we’ve done since andy & i were dating; and andy did with his brothers growing up.  last year the kids and andy saw the “first” hobbit and i was home with ottie. this year, she’ll be able to sleep since we will go during naptime. and today we have loads more baking to do. we spent the weekend enjoying much of andy’s christmas goodies, and now it’s monday work for him and the kids and i will make the treats that we still have on our list to do. it’s the most wonderful time of the year! merriest christmas to all of you!!


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  1. Nancy Kochsmeier says:

    I hope you’ll continue this in 2014! It’s such a delight to see the kids and hear all about what you’re doing!

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