“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: licking the caramel off the spoon after making nana’s caramel corn for andy’s christmas gift.
Ezra: looking through his new “william shakespeare’s star wars” book from santa..
Zion: wearing his new hat santa brought him… all day, every day, ever since.
Axel: smashing candy canes for peppermint ice cream… 
Ottilie: she thinks axel & his green goo are pretty funny… 

the final week of 2013, and finally getting to week 52 on the first day of 2014.  i had every hope to share these on monday, however, i finally got the sick bug that passed through every one of us, except zion, these past ten days. thankfully, it was quick and i’m on the mend and so, so happy to have completed this fun project of our kids weekly portraits. i took a look back at week one and wow!… how quickly they change and grow and become more wonderful by the day! i sit back in awe at what a gift we’ve been given in each one of these beauties. we are so very fortunate for their lives and their young passions. there are days where it’s loud and difficult, but there isn’t a day i wish for anything different. they are our perfect.

i have been encouraged by many of you to continue on with this project for this new year. thank you for that. i have been thinking about focusing on one of our kids, and telling a little about one per week, as well as posting the portraits of all five. we’ll see how things go and what becomes of it.

happiest new year to all of you. i have a really good feeling it’s going to be a wonderful one.

p.s. the book ezra is reading is really fun for all you star wars + classical literature fans. it can be found here.

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  1. Katie Erb says:

    yes!! please keep posting these!! 🙂 love and miss your fam!! <3 katie

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