O8-52“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: spent lots of time writing this week…
Ezra: swinging on his rope…
Zion: his crazy happy face…
Axel: turned around and he was in the lens…
Ottilie: playing outside in our cold, sunshiny weather…

It was a beautiful Nashville week.  Bright, cold, and crisp, with the rays of sunlight glimmering through the house.  The kids spent a large amount of time outside; as we just finished reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer they are now full of new adventures to be had. (SMILE) I am itching for spring, as it seems like most people are, and thinking this week I’ll begin my spring cleaning around the house. I am excited to brighten things up, and I’m thinking lots of pretty pastels (have you noticed how popular they are right now!) Pretty and fun.  I’ll try to capture it to share… less than a month away.




2 Responses to 8/52

  1. Ezra Swanson says:

    Love when you do these

  2. Noel Voorheis says:

    I am very much enjoying all of these. I love that Ez commented on it! You are so sweet Ezra. I love and miss you all. -Noel.

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