this mess. it happens every few months with me. i tend to get organized, or try – sometimes not ever completing the organization process – and then things slowly but surely pile up… until i can’t stand it anymore and it’s time to start the cycle over again. i can keep other rooms and areas of my house fairly tidy (i believe in the saying ‘it takes a village’), but when it comes to my office (or our bedroom) i don’t always care as much. i know what i need to do – thanks to my sweet husband who always lovingly reminds me – i need discipline, and to take the time i need each day to put some things away. with homeschooling there’s always paperwork, art, and random tidbits lying around – in piles. then there’s bills that somehow manage to get paid on time, (thankfully!); odds and ends like candles, bottles, jars, magazines and clippings, flashlights, shoestrings, legos, etc. that end up in this room. i am so thankful to have a creative space, one i can sit in early in the morning and read, think, write, draw, plan, dream – and yet, as much as it is my space i still love that odds and ends end up in here and realize in our (small) home we always will end up with things “out of place.”  and, really, i’m ok with that. it reminds me that this home is filled with creativity in every corner and full of the litte things that help make each day uniquely special. so this mess, well, i’d rather have it, with all it’s reminders of life, than a perfectly organized room. maybe one day i’ll change, but for now, that’s just me. 



3 Responses to my reminder.

  1. amy Grimes says:

    my house is the same! I clean everything but the desk and my room gets crazy! glad to know I’m not alone! I really beat myself up!

  2. Amy says:

    Oh Anna, you should see our room 😉

  3. Juliza says:

    Love your mess. It’s a creative melting pot.

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