O9-52“A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013.”

Zoe: morning tea…
Ezra: he captures my heart with his smile…
Zion: another snow day here… loved it…
Axel: that mop on his head needing to be shaved…
Ottilie: cannot resist her profile and those cheeks…

My oh my! Last week just got away from me, and I didn’t even have all the pictures on my computer before this post so I decided I’d just wait a day, upload and follow the saying “better late than never.” I am loving this little project, originated by the lovely Jodi, and it’s fun that so many other bloggers are joining in.  In fact, Zoe and her friend Katie are adding the idea to their blog too… you really should check out all their cuteness.

Onto the rest of our week here.  Looks like we’ll be heading into daylight savings time (yay for long, bright nights!) with some sunshine this weekend.  Spring is almost here… yippee!




2 Responses to 9/52 (a wee bit late)

  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful blog Anna! Love following your adventures. Felt motivated to pick mine back up too. Need that creative outlet 🙂

  2. iSophie says:

    Lovely images. Second is my fav.

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