2_soupmy mother-in-law comes to mind when i think of french onion soup. as we have sat together in countless restaurants i think of her ordering french onion soup… again and again. my guess would be it is one of her favorites. on the other hand, i had never tried it. that is, until i decided to make it the other night. for one, it is still super cold here in nashville and soups are on my mind lots these days. for two, it is from the Williams-Sonoma blog, which has never failed me in any recipe i have made of theirs. and, for three, it looked super easy to make and tasty (even though i didn’t have a clue what the flavor would be as the ingredients melded together). finally, and for the best reason of all… we were having a girls night and it seemed like the perfect thing to share with dear friends.


4_soupthe recipe included gruyere toasts with it, naturally, for dipping into the soup. truth is, that’s probably what sold me on wanting to make this soup to begin with. in the end, it was the soup that had me at my first sip even more than the toasts… which followed by an instantaneous second.

i used sweet onions (which are often the onions i prefer to use most of the time in my cooking), and the herbs immersed in the soup were sage, thyme, and rosemary. three of my favorites, and what a perfect combination they were. the onions become almost jam like prior to adding the herbs and the beef broth; and all in all the soup was very simple to put together. it took almost 2 hours start to finish, as there is almost an hour spent getting the onions to almost a jam consistency.

5_soupthe girls and i sat and didn’t speak much the first few minutes as we all seemed to be surprised at just how delicious it really was. the toasts on their own were scrumptious, a fun idea for a number of other meals any time of year. i mean honestly, who can go wrong with cheese, freshly chopped herbs, and crumbled bacon on any piece of toast!?

whether you are a french onion soup lover, or not, i would highly encourage you to give this soup a try. i think you will find a new favorite in it and keep going back for more. i know i will.

recipe can be found here.

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