These past couple of weeks have been a bit of a frenzy when it came to the organizational part of my life. We made each day work, getting bits done of whatever was needed, but not really stretching ourself, like I like to do when it comes to our home education. Last year I scheduled monthly planning days for myself into our school calendar.  For whatever reason (I have no idea why?!?!), I didn’t do that this year and I finally realized that I was in major need of a planning day! On Monday of this week, I gave the kids the day off of school and got out all my essentials for getting the remainder of March planned out well.

Let me tell you how I wish at times I had those organizational skills like I saw my mom use growing up.  I am quite good at the art of procrastination, and I don’t always do the best with staying on task. This time was different though. I was determined to be successful and to not carry the work into Tuesday. I sat down in the morning and just began. Sometimes beginning is the first step, like writing a school paper and getting stuck on that first sentence that everyone (at some point in life) struggles with. I went through the calendar and I read through different books we use or will be using this month.  Distractions were very present the entire day, drawing me to anything but what I was supposed to be doing. I mean the kitchen (like it often does) called to me and I paused to bake an afternoon snack. (What is wrong with me?!) However, I carried on, worked through lunch, and into the afternoon when a friend popped by. I sat and visited for an hour because truthfully people in my life are more important than some tasks at the moment. Once she had left I sat and completed all that was needed, doing the final printouts of our schedules and feeling a great sense of accomplishment.

Why these little, seemingly mundane tasks are difficult for me I do not know.  However, what I got from this little planning day of mine was this… I not only felt fulfilled, but an immense amount of peace come over my being.  I was at ease. Things that I knew were weekly planning tasks were all done for the month! Disciplining myself to plan ahead allowed more freedom in my life for other creative outlets I have struggled with finding the time to do. Andy told me years ago that becoming disciplined, and setting boundaries actually results in more freedom in life. As I cooked dinner that night, I was lighter. I knew that I had found a new sense of freedom in my life, one I am ready to carry on.

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  1. Karen Curran says:

    Good for you, Anna!!!

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