Oh how these kids love this piano.  It has a special spot in our home being that it was passed onto us from Gramma Carol, who had it passed on to her from her grandmother.  So very special.  The kids play it daily and the sound resonates all throughout our sweet little home.  Lately, Ottie is climbing up to sit with whoever may be at the bench at the moment.  Which, speaking of moments… we have been getting better at  “s l o w i n g  down and enjoying the moments” around here.  Those words are sketched on our big chalkboard as our constant reminder to BE present in all of our busy-ness that can start to whiz by if we don’t pay attention. Even if the paying attention has a sixteen month old banging on piano keys in the background. It’s still special.


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  1. thetwograces says:

    Aww– so adorable 🙂

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