you know those types of friends you just click with? well, these are those types of friends.  we met them after moving here through one of our favorite teachers back in california. her brother and his family lived here in nashville and have two kids, same ages as our older two. we met, hung out, and haven’t stopped since.  the kids are all best friends and we love spending time with them. they are some of our closest friends and we are so thankful for their friendship. (and now our teacher and her family live here too!)

about the surprise… i LOVE hosting parties, and i especially love surprising people.  not everyone loves surprises, i’ve learned, so i don’t always suggest them. but, when deana suggested doing a surprise birthday party for paul i was thrilled. he thought they were just coming over for dinner, only to walk into a house full of friends and family waiting to celebrate him. it was a small, sweet gathering with the dearest of friends.









paul loves mexican food so we made these favorite tacos that deana introduced us to and we often have together.  this time we used tritip for the beef and they were our favorite. deana made her super-delicious guacamole, and robin made the best homemade salsa. we had assorted sides, and oodles of candy since that’s how we like parties to be – and the birthday boy happens to as well. we had assorted cheesecake for dessert with andy’s mexican chocolate ice cream. the girls helped hang fringed streamers and all the kids blew up as many balloons as their little breaths could. it was a fiesta to be remembered.











we loved having this surprise party for paul, but most of all just spending time together with each of these families. they are all such a huge reason we love it here in nashville.  having our own little family community where we all love each other and spending time together is really, really special. and of course, ottilie loves being the center of attention for everyone to fall in love with. until the next celebration of friendship and life!


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  1. Juliza says:

    What a fabulous fiesta & story of friendship!

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