despite the tornado sirens, and thunder-shaking storm we had last night (which was incredible… we love watching the lightning flash through our windows!), this week we have experienced some much desired spring like weather.  we are getting giddy with excitement for this next season, flowers everywhere and outdoor parties.  the other day, i made sure to have the camera out more, and these pictures were too fun not to share. i had put ottilie’s hair in braids and she walked around with the boys playing with sticks.  i couldn’t help but think she belonged on a farm or an adventure.





this girl is growing up so quickly and been keeping us all in stitches every day with the witty things she says. she loves playing outside but she really doesn’t like bugs so it’ll be interesting to see her with the ones that come around the warmer months here. thankfully, there’s plenty of kids to come to her rescue!


after feeling so cooped up the past few weeks, this taste of spring was so wonderful. and it’s supposed to be a perfectly sunny and warm weekend. (well, that’s not saying much for tennessee weather predictions… but we are hoping!) i’m looking forward to getting in the kitchen and making some fun new recipes that i’ve been excited to test out… one of my favorite things, especially in a sun-filled kitchen!! gah! i love it. have a happy weekend, friends.

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