hi there! well, this little piece of the web-filled wonderland is something that’s been in my heart and head for a couple years now.  at first, i thought it was supposed to be the names of a baby, or two (olive or otto), but then we had our number five… and didn’t name her either. (another story altogether). anyway… i’m anna, married to the man who exceeds my dreams. mom to our five most wonderfuls. i am a california girl living in the beautiful city of nashville, and believe that life is about discovering beauty & joy in everything. i adore my family, and love my creator. rearranging, baking, magazines, gatherings, coffee & chocolate all make me smile.  i am a momma, homeschooler, designer, baker, dancer, and a big dreamer. i have fun taking pictures, and i’m excited to share bits of our life here with you.

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