we have leaves everywhere. and i love it. we spent time outside playing and crunching in the piles this weekend. there is so much beauty abounding that even with the work to be done, it makes me so happy. and yes, our kids do much of the raking anyway. (wink!)




for us, this season is beginning to grow colder and autumn is seeming to shift into winter. the holidays come into full swing come next week, and all that festive spirit can easily overtake me. andy, and our kids are very determined to not bring the christmas season (music, decor, candles, treats, etc) into our home until thanksgiving day. so as i’m learning to appreciate that, which i do… yet, it’s a work in progress, i’m taking notice more of the beauty in the season fading, any remaining leaves that are fading and drooping, and the branches that are now stark yet so beautiful.





looking out our kitchen windows in the evenings reminds me of the winter months to come and the dark nights full of coldness outdoors and warmth by the fire inside. oh! how i love each season and all the changes they bring.


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