yesterday i spent more time working on my cleaning out of things. there have been many bags and boxes given away and it feels really freeing! now it’s come time for the purging of magazines. as much as i love, love, love these beautiful printed sources, i do have quite a collection and finally decided i should begin to do some discarding.


mag_2recently, i began with a large pile of dated donna hay magazines, (which i plaster on my kitchen walls). i tore out fresh summer recipes and photos for the kitchen, as well as any others in which the recipe or photo was worth saving.  i’ve said it before but the photography in her books and magazines are some of my favorites when it comes to food photography. throughout the house, there are other piles of these magazines, many older home magazines that i love (livingetc anyone?) and then a majority of the foodie mags (bon appétit, food & wine, cherrybombe, old/new gourmet‘s, the list goes on) which are located in an easier place for me to grab and go. the problem is i forget which one contained the recipe i wanted, and then it (they all) just sits, unused and uneaten! my goal with the food magazines is to write down in my recipe book our favorites, that are made often, and tear out the others to try. i don’t have to keep saving them all… year after year. it leaves me with a pit in my stomach just thinking about all. of. them.


mag_4but then, i guess if i did say i collected anything (which, i don’t, or at least wouldn’t consider myself as a collector of any one thing) it would be magazines. i have every issue of the former and wonderful domino (recently brought back as quarterlies). cookie was another favorite that is sadly missed. and now with kinfolk and darling and so many new periodicals that are more like beautiful books, i don’t know why anyone would want to part with them. they become keepsakes.

with the older magazines that i’ve had, for let’s just say over five years… once i look inside, i realize there’s not much that i’m drawn to any longer. things change. time changes my ideas and styles and preferences, and so saving them is just wasting space for the sake of me still having every one of them.


mag_6so, tell me – what do you do (those of you who have a love for magazines like i do?) do you also use them stacked up as a nightstand by your bed? and how do you catalog the ones that you do save pieces of? i’m looking for some fresh inspiration as i continue my cleaning out this summer. please comment below and share your thoughts too! 🙂 xo

p.s. all the links are just to share the individual websites, not to promote one over another. all opinions are my own and this is not an advertisement in any way.

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