we recently took the kids to the parthenon, here in nashville; somewhere zoe has been longing to explore since we drove into this city two months ago.  out of all the kids she is the one who is most interested and knowledgable on the subject of greek mythology. athena, the recreated floor-to-ceiling statue, is golden, elaborate, and, for me, a bit freaky. ha! i’m a bit of a scaredy-pants when it comes to mammoth-size statues of gold staring out in a fixed gaze at who knows what, standing right in front of me in a dimly-lit room with towering columns surrounding me and no windows or doors for my immediate flight. but… enough about my childish fears, the family loved visiting. we learned about art – the whole first floor is an art gallery, with a wide array of artists to study and admire. and in the end the kids got to play and jump off the steps outside the beautiful structure. it was a fun little adventure and the first checked off our list for adventures in nashville.



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  1. This looks like a fun adventure. 🙂 I love the pic of Zoe and Ezra.

  2. musicmomie says:

    Zak was wondering about Ezra’s reference to the Parthenon in his letter. Now I get it! I’ll have to show him these pictures. So fun!!

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