Last weekend I made one of my family’s favorite baked goods for Sunday breakfast. Lemon-Lemon Loaf comes from one of my go-to baking cookbooks. However, I changed things up a bit, using Meyer lemons instead and substituting some orange in as well… causing the whole thing to be more of a citrus loaf than the usual very tart lemon we are used to.  It proved to be a delicious loaf, one that wasn’t quite as puckering to your taste buds as the original; but for me making some variations from what we are used to is nice from time to time.  (Isn’t that the case in so many areas of our life?!)

The recipe is accessible in a printable format here, and I will note the changes that I’ve made below.  I have made this countless times, and what I love is that it makes two loaves with one batter, and it can easily be frozen, after soaking in the syrup but prior to putting on the glaze. If you are one who likes tart, stick with the original recipe, or if you just need to use up some oranges as well, add that in.  I am sure it will be worth the time to make and those you are feeding will love you for it! xo

• Substitute equal amounts of lemon juice and zest with Meyer lemons.
• Substitute equal amounts freshly squeezed orange juice in the syrup portion.
• Use only 4 tablespoons of lemon for the glaze to allow for a thicker consistency which we like.
• I used all of the icing to cover the top completely and drizzle down the sides.  Of course, the icing is completely optional.

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