tres leches cake | olive and otto

tres leches cake | olive and otto

a few months back, andy ordered a slice of tres leches cake from a mexican restaurant we frequent here in nashville. typically, i’m not a huge fan of mexican restaurant’s desserts (except for churros), and the thought of a “soggy” cake just didn’t appeal to me. was i wrong. one bite of that cake and i was sold. it was moist, had the flavors of a strawberry shortcake, and left me wanting more.

since then i’ve tried one recipe for this cake. it was chocolate flavored, and turned out to be good. but, we were still looking for the original, (not chocolate) sponge cake to soak up the three milks and top with some fresh strawberries. after a quick look online i came across the perfect tres leches cake. the cake is basically a sponge cake that you then poke holes in and pour in a mixture of sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and heavy cream. i made it in the evening to allow all the milks to soak in overnight, and i topped it with the fresh whipped cream the next day. i don’t think the cream was thick enough, which is why it was a bit runny… but it still tasted amazing and is one that we will come back to again and again. i love that it can be done ahead of time, tasting better, in my opinion, after a day or two. we topped ours with strawberries, but it is just as delicious on it’s own. try it out one of these spring days. i know you’ll love it.

recipe can be found here.


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