i so often think about who i want to be like. i mean i do like who i am, and all that, but honestly, in the craziness of my days (kids, lots of food, homeschooling, etc), there are days that when i have a minute to sit and slooowdooown  i daydream of me being all put together… in a fancier fashion than is reality. 😉 haha. but really, i like to be me. i have these big letters from Anthropologie (ahhh…anthro) in my dining room that says BE. i don’t remember even second guessing what letters i wanted to get when we got them… i just knew i wanted a big B and a big E. sometimes my friends put post-it notes on them saying “what?” – or sometimes i like to put twinkly lights on them so they illuminate through the front window when you drive by at night. but really the BE letters remind me to just BE me so many times a day. and i love that.




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