To say that I’ve neglected this blog would be an understatement, but in fact I have, and I had such high hopes to share more in the beginning of 2015. I figured I may as well jump back on here, better late (very!) than never, so here’s a bit of catch up over the past few months.

We endured an amazing winter (lots of snow!), a beautiful spring, and a fairly mild summer. Now, in just a week and two days we are officially entering autumn, and my heart skips a beat just thinking about it!

The kids are all getting taller and bigger, you know the usual stuff.. but like every parent says, it goes so quickly! Well, it’s an absolute fact…but, a fun one to boot! It’s hard to believe Ezra is only turning thirteen soon, because both he and Zoe act like they are in their mid-teen years.  And, these teen years are super fun. I love teenagers and all their silly ways! We get a good laugh out of them on a daily basis.

Our family has just returned from our two-week vacation, which we like doing in the very late summer, just when it’s back-to-school for traditional schools, we take advantage of a big reason why we homeschool. We get away, and catch up on school work later. It’s perfect, and just the way we like it. The time away from home is always so good for my soul. Time to realize that it doesn’t matter where we are, being together is all we need. I forget about our things, our belongings, all the clothes, books (well, that would be cookbooks for me), toys, etc. that we have back at our house. Those things are fun, sure, but they become so quickly forgotten when you have no need for them. I like moments like that.  Stripped back to the basics. It does a heart good every now and then.

Axel turned nine while we were away. He requested beignets for breakfast and a chocolate “hot lava” cake for his birthday dessert. Thankfully, we had a full kitchen and were able to deliver pretty darn good food all day long. We made individual lava cakes so each child could have one (or two!) topped with ice cream of their choice. I would say he had a full belly and a happy heart at the end of the day!

After lots and lots of swimming, and storms (which we didn’t mind at all!), the most beautiful lightning show, new sights, junk food, and really good food, books, Disney channel and HGTV (ahh… the joys of cable!), parks, sleeping-in, and roads traveled… we are home. We are rested and refreshed and ready for the next big adventure we have coming our way. Life with these five is always wild and crazy, but the best kind there is.

So happy to be back and sharing more of life with you all.




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  1. Karen Curran says:

    Beautiful pictures, Anna! Thanks for sharing your life!

  2. Nick Ray says:

    Solid Anna! Your famIly rocks!! Thanks for sharing your words, thoughts, pics and life. Keep it up; we need it!!

  3. Uncle Matt says:


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