one of axel’s favorite desserts involves chocolate and marshmallows, in fact his birthday cake this year was a baked alaska s’mores style… which meant andy (who is the baked alaska king around here) creating a graham cracker crust with chocolate ice cream and of course the meringue on top that mimicked the toasted marshmallow. so when he chose the chocolate & oat s’mores as one of his recent recipe roundup ideas, i knew he would love it. the recipe comes from the always beautiful donna hay australian food magazine. her magazines and books alike are loaded with some of the most breathtaking photographs. and her recipes are some of the most simplistic i’ve read and made; and always loaded with flavor. i am repeatedly surprised at how little ingredients it can take to make something so delicious.

for the recipe, axel and i made the cookies which were a simple chocolate chip cookie with oats. we allowed them to cool and they were ready to be assembled that evening. he started by pairing the cookies together 2×2 onto a parchment lined baking sheet. laying a square of dark ghiradelli chocolate onto one cookie (we upgraded from the typical hershey’s brand chocolate bars that we always use with our s’mores), and a large marshmallow on another cookie, we were ready for the oven. the bake time is very quick for them to get to the right consistency of just melty enough but not completely puddling when they can be removed from the oven, and then carefully assembled. (with adult supervision, or in our case by an adult as to not burn himself). we allowed them to cool for a short five minutes before making a mess on all of our faces. they were so much fun to make and a great dessert for kids assisting. they could, of course, be done with any type of cookie you wanted.  (just imagine the possibilities!!) i’m sure we will come back to this idea again and again when we are craving warm, fresh from the oven, oozing chocolatey goodness.

chocolate & oat s’more recipe here.


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