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chocolate slice

i made this chocolate cream pie a couple of months ago, after having made it for a special occasion last year. it is so simple to make, and so very delicious.  lately, andy has been asking for me to make it again, however, i am having a hard time finding the famous chocolate wafers i need for putting the crust together. it’s pretty sad. in every market i walk into i am searching down the cookie aisle for these and still have only found them once here in nashville. and that was a random event in that there was only one box, out of place in a store, that i quickly snatched up. i walked around searching for other boxes, or the spot in which they belonged, only to find nothing. wierd. i may have to buy in bulk on amazon eventually, or maybe just find a new cookie that would work, or a recipe to make my own. i’m sure they’re not too hard. thin chocolate wafers that can be crumbled into the perfect crust with some butter and sugar.  mmmm.

the recipe needs some time to refrigerate the filling once it’s made, but other than that, it’s easy and certainly satisfies any chocolate craving you may be having. give it a try and tell me what you think.

recipe can be found here.



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