last friday night we had our christmas feast with our cookbook club.  we invited the men this time, to break it up from our usual girls-only gathering. we had some hearty food, and festive desserts. the tables were moved and we sat where we could find space… which, as usual, ended up being crammed into the dining room. but it’s always more fun when we sit around the food , talking and munching and being together.

we had homemade mac and cheese, swedish meatballs, green bean salad with an avacado dressing, hot spiced cider, cranberry mojitos, deviled eggs, assorted sparkling drinks for the kids, fancy pigs ‘n blankets, cauliflower pasta, cherry cheesecake & mocha cheesecake cupcakes, christmas cookies, and more. i made a turkey pot pie, from this cookbook, with some of our leftover turkey from our thanksgiving no.2 (with andy’s parents). i replaced the turkey and homemade turkey stock for the chicken and chicken stock. and then the drop biscuits that are plopped on top… oh, they are heavenly. the recipe only calls for half of the biscuit dough on the pot pie, so before our friends came over i whipped them up and baked a half batch for andy and the kids. they are so buttery and extra delicious. if you don’t have this cookbook, i would highly recommend adding it to your christmas wish list.

looking forward to january as jo and i have been discussing our next cookbook club gathering. they are always a highlight of our month.

p.s. our sweetest friend, maria, took several of these photos on here.

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