my sweet friend jo, and i both have a shared passion for cookbooks.  we love to buy them, collect them, digest them like a novel, and of course cook through them. i’m drawn to many cookbooks for the styling of food and table as well… because with a big family and a love for entertaining it’s always great to be surrounded by inspiration at my fingertips. so, it was only natural for jo and i to decide to start a cookbook club with some of our closest girlfriends. and we did. our first dinner was last week, and we all had such a great night.

i’m sure each time it will look a bit different as to what we do together, but for the most part it’s all about coming together and bringing some of our favorite foods from some of our most loved cookbooks.  there is a handful of girls who, like my sister-in-law, betsy, and andy’s grandma marge, cook mostly by what was learned over years of watching family cook around them. sometimes thought of as the a little of this & a little of that approach to cooking. which works fine, and brings some new inspiration to everyone. we provided little stamped notecards that recipes were written on, and the girls brought the cookbooks or shared recipes that were used for that night.

we ended up having plenty of food and leftovers to send home. i now have a new favorite drink called lime & mint spritzer from the most darling cookbook called a perfect day for a picnic. along with a made up recipe of greek almond cookies that i could not get enough of. i made a pasta dish called penne alla vecchia bettola (much like penne with vodka sauce), and tomato crostini with whipped feta from a barefoot contessa cookbook. and, like i’ve said before, ina garten’s recipes proved to be as the title of the book says foolproof. everyone’s food was amazing and had i not been so full i would have had seconds and thirds. it was so much fun, cooking, laughing, eating, sharing, chit-chatting, and sharing a love of life & food with friends.  we are all very much looking foward to the next gathering of our cookbook club.

* recipe for penne alla vecchia bettola can be found here.
* recipe for tomato crostini with whipped feta can be found here.


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