ten_1as some of you know, a few weeks back we kept our friends’ five kids with us for a couple of days. we popped up the tent trailer in the driveway, and they spent a good amount of time in their own space, playing games, snacking and just being fun, crazy kids. they are all similar in age to our older four, so they ended up grouping together at times, or all plopping on the couches relaxing, since let’s face it, they didn’t get a whole lot of sleep.




there was creek exploring, and almost injuries, finding odd treasures, and nerf wars. they all live out in the country, but some of our wildlife was new to the boys and brought about conversations of how they can “hunt” next time. (“neighborhood hunting”… let’s just say it won’t be happening if i have anything to say about it.) we watched movies, and snacked all day, and ottilie was in heaven with five more older “siblings” she could join at any given moment.



as we had meals around our table, i found myself loving every second of making large amounts of food for all these kids. feeding my family, and friends is something i love doing; and although, it means most of my time is in the kitchen preparing or cleaning up, i don’t mind it one bit.

the food went quickly, and plates were being filled and emptied before i could catch up and get more on the table. but everyone was happy and filled with the most grateful hearts to just all be together. till the next time!




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  1. Juliza says:

    What a great childhood memory for the kids!!!

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